Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will it ever end?

Doctor visits that is. Definitely not the summer. It will be gone too quickly.

Summers for most teachers are spent getting in all annual doctor visits in two months. Dentist, eye doctor, yearly checkup, mammogram. Throw in a colonoscopy (for turning 50) and a checkup at UAMS and I feel like all I've done is visited doctors office. And the mammogram isn't until next Monday.

Normally waiting 2 hours in a doctor's office would have my blood boiling, but my doctor's main office is at the Arkansas Children's Hospital and I know he has emergencies that he has to take care of there before he can see regular patients. And we all know how precious all of those children he helps are.

Double Wedding Ring Applique Border Update

I have all four corners completed. One full side is competed and I am starting on the opposite side. I had really planned to work on it again tonight but after spending the day driving two hours to my doctors appt., waiting 2 hours, and then two hours driving home----Now I'm just too tired lazy. lol

I do have a personalized baby quilt to make for another nephew. The baby's room is decorated in Arkansas Razorbacks. I have some Arkansas novelty fabric to use. I'm going to add some white squares or diamonds with the baby's stats and that will probably be it.  I don't think I'm going to cut and piece blocks. I had one designed but I may change it.

I'm going to spend some time in my classroom again tomorrow. I spent most of the day there yesterday. My goal is to get rid of stuff that I do not use or pack it away neatly. I have a lot of stuff for K-2 that I need to just give away. I do not plan to go down to a lower grade (unless I have to.)

I made good progress yesterday and another good day will have me finished. Yippee. Then I will be finished until August when I go in to decorate a little bit and do planning.

Enough rambling for today.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. poor you all those doctor visits in a couple months of time! Makes sense though to get it all done while you can without taking time off of work to do it.

  2. I remember the days when I tried to schedule all my appointments in the summer too and it wasn't fun! I'm glad to be able to do it whenever I want now. :) blessings, marlene



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