Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taking the summer off

Oh, around the middle of February, when teachers and students go through that long stretch without any breaks, I told Larry I was going to take the summer off. He laughed and said, "Yeah!"

Then the list of workshops came out and I saw a bunch I wanted to go to. So I picked out 5 that I thought would be most beneficial to me and signed up for them. (I limited myself to 5 because we have at least a week of workshops before school starts and I was after all taking the summer off. And I am a mentor for a new teacher so that gives me half of the hours I need.)

So I was off for a week and then had two days of workshops. I thought, "Man, what am I doing?" Then I was free to sit around for a week. I was scheduled for two days of workshops the next week. And then I got the call cancelling them. Since they were an hours drive away, I was ecstatic.

So, I really have taken the summer off. I'm working a little bit on this . . .

I have one side completely finished and the 3rd corner completed. Today, after my yearly check up, I'm going to work on the 4th corner. Then I believe the inside flowers and vines will go quickly.

Spending time each day enjoying the views . . .

a lot of time doing this . . . 

And thinking about how I need to be working on school things. (Can't do that until I know which grade I will be teaching next year.) Probably a blessing because I would have been working all summer instead of enjoying real time off.

We even took time off to see a couple of movies. And the latest and last "Harry Potter" is coming out so we will be going to see it on Friday.

Being lazy is great--but it leaves me with very little to blog about. Therefore, not many posts this summer.

But, I should find out my teaching assignment today or tomorrow and then the planning will begin.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I thought you always taught the same grade - they change it up on you off and on I guess? Makes it hard to plan doesn't it. The quilt is looking wonderful. I need to get to my border one day on the Red & Green but no rush.



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