Sunday, August 7, 2011

Goodness . . .

I didn't realize I had been away for so long. Kelsey told me this morning that I was neglecting my blog.

Things have been busy here getting ready for school. Each year we have to pack everything up so they will move all of the furniture out and do the floors. If we do not clear out our shelves, they will not move them. Then the wax around them causes a nasty build up. The shelves then stick to the floor. If you want to move them, you are left with a nasty dirty wax build up spot and usually pull up some of the flooring.

So I've spent the last week and a half putting my room back together, making new materials, and deciding on a general theme. I do not do a lot of decorating other than the beginning of the year. I don't have bulletin boards to change every month either. I usually put my student's pictures in the hallway and change their work out every few weeks.  I put up poetry and short stories mostly.

Craig is all moved out now and he would probably appreciate updates so he knows what going on around here. Kelsey is moved back in for a couple of weeks until her apartment is ready. Then I'll really have empty nest syndrome.

My niece and her family have moved into our rent house so they will probably be hanging around from time to time.

This week will be busy as teacher days are beginning on Monday. And school starts next Monday. Then I'll get burned out on working on school stuff and get back to quilting.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

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  1. Most people have no idea what a teacher has to do...daily or even preparing her classroom. You have my admiration and great respect. I have my elementary ed degree, but only sub'd for a couple of years. I have been fortunate to stay at home, but always greatly aware of the hard work that teachers put forth in their chosen field.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN



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