Monday, August 22, 2011

Oficially Empty Nesters

Things are slow going on the the wedding ring quilt. But now I almost have two sides of the applique border completed. So I have made progress.

I only need a few more of the leaves to have this section completed. Then I will only have two sides left. They should go quicker because I will not have to do the corners. I may have to incorporate some different greens for the leaves because I am afraid I may run short of the batiks.

Well, both kids have officially moved out now.  It is going to be quiet and lonely in this big old house. But I am very proud of off my children have accomplished so far in their lives.

Found out a couple of weeks ago that I am anemic. Now I know why I haven't had any energy and haven't wanted to do anything all summer. The doc put me on iron pills and I have to say I was really worried about being sick on them. But so far, so good. I'm really going to try to eat more foods that are  high in iron to help get my levels back up there. Then hopefully, when I go back in four months I can get off of the iron pills.

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  1. are you starting to get more energy now? hope so but I do not know how fast the iron pills work, I know I had to take some years ago but don't remember.
    The quilt border is looking so lovely!

  2. oh that is coming along so beautifully!! So anxious to see it all together. I do love seeing the progress. Hope the iron pills help give you back the energy.

  3. It is such a lovely wedding quilt. I have one more at home for a couple more years but the foreshadowing of more and more times of being alone is here. I am not looking forward to it... hope you are feeling better soon, anemia takes a while to recouperate from!

  4. I love your quilt. I know how it is to be anemic. Very draining :( Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Your applique is really lovely. Can't wait to watch the quilt come together. Hope you are feeling good and energetic soon!

  6. empty nesters....we've been for quite a's nice....hope you feel more energy

  7. Eating liver once a week as well as spinach helped me. My stomach couldn't tolerate the pills.

    Lovely, lovey work! This is going to be so gorgeous - it already is.



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