Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's Time . . .

I'm not sure I ever posted on here that Craig and Becca were engaged. I really kept waiting for a picture of the ring to show but always forget to take one.

Anyway the wedding is set for October 1.  What once seemed so far away has quickly come upon us.  Today was the wedding shower held at Becca's home church in Subiaco. Her aunts did a wonderful job of hosting and the food was delicious.

They received many wonderful gifts. I know it is exciting for them to be able to toss out things that are old and worn and begin using the new gifts.

This quilt (I can't believe my camera picked this time to turn off so I missed a good picture) was made by Becca's granny.

My mom made them this quilt.

I'm still slowly working on the double wedding ring. Kelsey gets on to me every few days. She says I won't have it finished by Oct. 1. I told her I wasn't worried about that. It will be finished sooner or later.

Open house was held at our school today. I was excused to attend the shower. I know part of my student's parents but not all of them. But we will have parent-teacher conferences in about 4 1/2 weeks so I will be able to meet them them

School starts tomorrow. If it is a normal year, I will be hoarse before the week is over. After being at home all summer and not talking that much, the old vocal chords retaliate. lol

I found at last week that I am slightly anemic. I now realize that is probably why I have been so tired and have not had the drive to sew or anything else (except read) this summer. I am on iron pills now, so I hope I'll get my energy levels back and get busy.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

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