Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back to the Baby Quilt

I sat for the last 3 nights not doing any sewing because I couldn't figure out how to quilt this baby quilt. I was torn between doing lots of freehand or just stitch in the ditch. I know that freehand and lots of quilting can make a quilt, but I also know that less quilting usually makes a quilt that is much softer.

So, I looked at it, walked away, looked at it, walked away---way too many times. Then I remembered the first time I stippled a whole baby quilt. My son said, "Mom, you need to wash that quilt to make it softer." So, I washed it a couple of times and it still wasn't that soft. (I know part of it was the batting that I used.) But, this weighed on my mind. I also wasn't sure if the mother would hang it on the wall or use it daily. So, when I got up this morning and looked at it, I thought I would do a mixture of light quilting and heavy quilting.

Here is where I am now. I still have quite a way to go. I have used stencils for part of the quilt and free hand for part of it.

I am still undecided how to quilt in the white areas around the words. I am thinking maybe "pebbles". What do you think? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


  1. Wow Vivian that looks awesome! I'm really impressed... I can't begin to quit like that on my sewing machine.

    As for the pebbles, while I think it would "look" wonderful, pebbles are extremely dense quilting, don't you think it will distort, since the light blue around it is lightly quilted?

    How about a largish (1.5 inch?) cross hatched in the white?

  2. I have no idea when it comes to machine quilting! I do wonder though why do some machine quilters stitch every single space in a quilt - I have seen some custom quilting that are very pretty but so much quilting in it - every single space is full - like you say is it not stiff?

  3. I can't give you any advice, but your choices, so far, are excellent. Keep doing what you think is right. You have a nature instinct for it.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  4. I'm catching up on blogs since I haven't been able to with guests staying with us.

    I am loving this one, Vivian.
    Your quilting is already so awesome. I certainly would NEVER even attempt to suggest any quilting ideas because I'm such a babe in the woods on that topic.

    I will patiently wait and see what you decide.

  5. Your feathers are awesome. I want to be able to do that someday! I love the quilt. I like the way you quilted it.



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