Sunday, April 4, 2010

$4 Spent and A Happier Me

My sewing machine table is a Wal-mart cabinet that I purchased over 10 years ago for around $45.00. It is just a cabinet with no hole cut out for the machine. During the past couple of years, as I began sewing a lot more, I felt something was just not right. I then realized I grew up quilting with the machine sitting inside the cabinet. I then realized that the machine sitting on top of the cabinet was too high for vertically challenged me. So I had added stress to my shoulders and arms from reaching and sitting at an uncomfortable angle.

So I had my husband measure my machine and cut out a hole for it to sit in and mounted a board for the machine to sit on. (The extra boards are because the bed on my two machines are different heights so I have to add or take away boards depending which one I have in the cabinet.)

Then I had the problem of the edges not being lined up exactly and being a little rough, even though we sanded and sanded. I was reading on someone's blog that instead of purchasing the "Supreme Slider"  they tried the clear vinyl found at Wal-mart in the fabric department. I thought, "Hey, I bet I can use that to help my quilts slide easier over the hole cut out and also onto the table I always set up behind my sewing cabinet so the quilts don't pull.

So this weekend, I purchased a yard of the thick, clear vinyl to give it a try. I cut a hole out large enough to fit around the feed dogs because I do still "stitch in the ditch".

Then I taped a part of the edge to the edge of my cabinet in front where I sit and went to work.

I am happy to say that the quilt slides over the vinyl much smoother. If I find it doesn't slide easily over the feed dog area when I free motion quilt, I will cut a smaller needle hole on the other end of the vinyl and turn it around when free motion quilting.

Not bad for less than $4.  Oh, the things that make us quilters happy.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Edited to Add:  Well, I tried free motion quilting and it seems to stick a little bit. I may have to get the Supreme Slider to put over the vinyl. Has anyone tried this product?


  1. Wow, what a clever solution & thrifty substitute. I know I have a piece of vinyl that will be coming out of hiding tomorrow!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. Geez, such a simple solution, Vivian. I love it. I have some clear vinyl too. Now you have me "thinking" and that's usually dangerous..LOL

    I do use the "Sewslip".

  3. Thats a wonderful idea me thinking!
    I have already sewn my supreme slider...when I first got it. Silly me. I should imagine you will manage quilting far more comfortably now.!

  4. I used to use the Supreme Slider Vivian. It worked okay, but I had two issues with it. 1) it's really small, like maybe 12 x 18 inches? 2) Eventually it lost its static cling, and I ended up sewing it into one of my quilts.



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