Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cold, dreary Day . . .

but, I feel better when there is pretty ice or snow to look at out the window.

A wood stove is going so we are warm, plenty of food, so no worries.

Yesterday, Becca came to sew with me. She was working on this quilt top

She purchased a bag of retro fabric, (that's what we call it) and had some more given to her. I think she said she only had one block that was repeated. And this is not all of them. She is making a king size quilt. She asked me to quilt it. I told her she could. I think we decided we would quilt it together. Unless her grandma decides to hand quilt it for her. But, I think it will be too big for her quilt frame.

I just finished the flimsy of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt.

I am too lazy to lay it out for a picture. I'll try to remember to get one when I sandwich it to quilt it.

I have decided to get out this quilt  . . .

and get the borders appliqued. So that is what I am working on today.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. Your Grand Illusion is lovely. I am still playing with ideas for rearranging mine to fit the tones of my fabric choices.

    The border will be lovely on blue and yellow quilt.

  2. That's going to be a fabulous border ... I can't wait to see it finished and sewn on.

  3. Love this latest one of Bonnie's and blue/yellow is so......."French"!!!!! Lovely quilts-all!!!!! Stay cozy, it's definitely quilting time!!!!!
    If you could adjust your comment settings so I may "log in" as " WordPress", I would really appreciate it. I do NOT like to use my Google acct setting!!!!



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