Saturday, January 3, 2015

Not moving along very quickly . . .

I seriously thought that by today the Grand Illusion top would be completed. But, no! As I sat down to put all of the units together, I realized something was not right. I had not pieced these units together.

So, in between watching Hallmark Movies, playing Candy Crush, looking over facebook entries, and running errands, I finally got these pieced together and pressed neatly.

And wee into the evening I was able to get units sewn together to hopefully whip out the blocks in a couple of hours this morning.

Then assemblying the quilt top will take awhile. The sashing is pieced and they are all completed but I still need to cut the corner squares that connect them. Then the border is also pieced. They are made but take a little longer than strips. So, I now change my goal to finish by tomorrow evening, if I spend a lot of time on it today and tomorrow.

It has been so dreary here since the New Year began. Rainy and cold again today. But, at least we did not get the ice that was predicted all throughout our area. I really need the sunshine and to be able to get out and walk. I have a treadmill but don't use it because it is downstairs and I don't go down there. I may have to rearrange the den to see if I can fit it in and both of us need to use it.

Until later, Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

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  1. I have an exercise bike but it, too, is downstairs. Our basement is unfinished so we rarely get down there. I'd bring it upstairs in a heart beat if we could find room for it ... but alas, the only room we have is in the middle of the living room. That's not going to work.

    It was rainy and cold here, too ... with even colder temperatures moving in. Thankfully we didn't get any ice either ... I wouldn't have minded snow, but ice? No thank you!

    I love your Grand Illusion pieces ... I can't wait to see them come together ... it's going to be gorgeous, I can just tell!



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