Monday, January 13, 2014

Well, here it is Sunday

and I haven't been in the sewing room yet this weekend. So, what did I do all day Saturday?

I have decided I need to do something to tone my body.  I have been walking, pretty regularly, for over 5 years now. But, that doesn't really help with firming the stomach. So, once again, like many years, I have decided to do something to get fit. I have chosen to use the WII fit.

I started on Thursday, when we had the ice day. Friday, I did not work out. I got 45 minutes exercise time in yesterday. That actually takes over an hour because of listening to the computer and selecting the exercises to do.

I am paying extra attention to the yoga and stretches. This is so important as we get older. By Saturday evening, I could feel my stomach muscles reacting to the exercises when I moved. That is good. I can tell the exercises are helping.

I still plan to walk/run at least three times a week because you don't really get the heart rate up when using the WII. And I like being outdoors and walking.

Today, I plan to pickup and clean some. Then I hope to get to the sewing room and work on some more of these blocks.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I need to exercise today to - and I need to start doing it all the time on a regular basis - must try harder!!

  2. I started Jazzercise a couple of months ago and love it. Unfortunately I did something to my hip and now have a severe case of in the bed with pain meds. :(. Blessings, Marlene

  3. That is one gorgeous design those blocks!!!!!!!! Hugs................



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