Friday, January 10, 2014

Back to School for a Day

I really enjoyed the day off yesterday. I should know by now that when I get up and around and stay busy all day instead of being on the computer or reading most of the day; the day is much more enjoyable.

I leisurely drank my two cups of coffee while reading blogs. Then I got the WII fit out and worked out on it for about 45 minutes. It actually only adds up to a little over 30 minutes of exercises and stretches.

Then I walked through all of the ice to go to the mailbox and check to see if the driveway was wet or a sheet of ice. It was a sheet of ice.

Then I took a wonderful shower, slathered on shea butter, and fixed left overs for lunch. After that I headed to the sewing room.

I was able to get the quilting finished on the quilt I am going to give away. Then I sat down this evening and got the binding sewn on. I do it all by machine. Too lazy to do it by hand.

I kept the quilting very simple and minimal.

My kids says it makes the quilts fluffier and softer. I do agree with them.

We had the best bean soup for supper. I purchased a package of 12 bean soup and added a bunch of ham scraps to it. I cooked it for 4 or 5 hours. Served it over cornbread with a salad. It was delicious. And enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow and probably Saturday.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I love your quilt Vivian, and the quilting looks great! I ADORE the quilt in your blog header, just gorgeous!

  2. I love the quilt and how you quilted it. It really looks great and I love the colors. I have never gotten a WII and wonder how you like the fitness programs - I keep wondering if it is worth it for me to buy one. We had ice here too but I am getting out today now that it is warmed up and above freezing.

  3. If I haven't told you before - I just love your header! This is a beautiful quilt you've finished too. :) I made potato/cheese soup this week - perfect for these winter days. blessings, marlene



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