Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Camera . . .

. . . well, to me, that is.

My niece asked Craig to take pictures for her wedding next April. He told her his camera was not good enough so she said she would pay him x amount so he could get a new camera. So he purchased a new camera and gave me his old one, which is a step or two or ten up from mine. Now I can take my old camera to school and leave it there and have this one for home. The only problem is I don't really know how to do anything but point and shoot. I'm thinking about taking an on-line class when things settle down here a bit.

I am coming right along with my baby quilt.

I actually added a 3 inch white border all the way around it. But when I started looking for backing fabric, I decided to use the Arkansas Razorback fabric that was left. It wasn't large enough to have the border so I took it off.  It always amazed me how long it takes to rip things out.

The quilt is actually laid out on my floor right now waiting for me to pin baste it. I realized after 9 o'clock that my pins were in another quilt and I would need to purchase some more. Even though our Walmart stays open until 10, I didn't want to get out.

And I have started working on the last applique border for the wedding quilt. I have the applique laid out on half of it. If I sit down to work each nigh this week, I will probably get the baby quilt top finished and the applique for the wedding ring finished by Sunday. Yippee.

If I blog about it beforehand, it has to happen, right?

Update Thursday evening -- I have the horizontal stitch in the ditch completed. It is almost 10 o'clock and time to call it quits for the night.  Now, I have to decide how to do the vertical stitching. Any ideas?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

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  1. The baby quilt is so cute, I love it! Looking forward to seeing a picture of the finished wedding quilt. Good luck reaching your goals for Sunday. I too am planning to sew/quilt this weekend.. can't wait, it's been about a month since I've been able to sew.



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