Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nothing Much to Tell

Kelsey text me and told me she needed to see an update. So here goes . . .

I have not touched the sewing machine since, oh let's see,  Monday or maybe it was Sunday. Anyway, just haven't felt like sewing.

But I have not been sitting idle.

I have actually been working on school stuff. Looks boring, huh? Even worse, I am working on curriculum for the next school year. Call me crazy, but I have learned that if I have the urge to work on school stuff at home, do it. Because there will be many times this summer when I should be working on curriculum that I won't want to. So the more I get finished before June, the less I have to do this summer.

The state of Arkansas has decided to adopt the National Core Curriculum. While this will be extra work for teachers for the next couple of years, it will be better for the students. Using the National Standards means we will be teaching the same curriculum (hopefully at around the same time) as many other schools in the United States.

I have a student that transferred here in November. Last week, I found out that she has not been taught geometry this school year and I had already covered it before she transferred in. With Arkansas adopting the National Standards, hopefully things will be easier on students transferring schools between states. Yep, I'm rambling, but Kelsey asked for it. lol

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!!!!!


  1. does sound like more work - but it sounds better organized like you say for students transferring in from other places.

  2. We have the same curriculum here in Ontario. All students may move around without it seems.
    no worries about the sewing, this is very important to all.



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