Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cruise News

I put up a cruise post on my other blog. Just in case anyone would like to see photos. I have decided to post a little bit each day for the next few days instead of a bunch at once.

When we moved into our home, 6 years ago, my daughter painted her bedroom a pretty periwinkle blue. then she asked if she could write on her walls. I said sure, why not. After all, a little paint is all that would be needed to change it. Well, she wrote, she drew, her friends authograped, etc. for 5 years. She had a blast.

I purchased some KILZ and today while I ran past school and then over to Clarksville to get groceries, Larry started painting the room.

I got home and the house smelled awful and I was surprised when I looked at the wall. I thought KILZ covered anything. I don't think so.

Hmmm. Now, I'm not sure if we need to add another coat of KILZ or try painting it the color I want it or if I am going to have to paint the whole wall a dark color and then KILZ again and then paint. Isn't it funny that it covered up all of the regular wall paint, but not the markers or other craft paint she used.

I told my husband that I think Kelsey needs to come put the next coat on because she did it. His reply was, "You let her." I always knew she was a Daddy's girl but that is ridiculous. lol

Hopefully, I get off of my sewing vacation soon and get busy. After all,  I do have 2 baby quilts to make ASAP.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting. 


  1. LOL Vivian that is hilarous, and my hat is off to you, what a mom!

  2. You might want to check with the paint store. It doesn't appear that KILZ has done anything for you at all as far as getting rid of the writing is concerned.

    Our son put mirror tiles on one wall of his bedroom. After he left we had to replace the sheetrock because when I took off the tiles great big pieces of sheet rock came with the adhesive used to hold the mirror tiles. It has been a great thing to remind him of when he complained about his children...........



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