Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home . . . But Not Very Productive

Oh my goodness! I came back from the cruise tired and lazy.

But. . .  isn't this beautiful.

We arrived home by 8:30 on Saturday evening so by today I should have all kinds of things done. Nope! I spent Sunday with my Mom and Dad and brothers and sisters for Father's Day. After I got home that afternoon I tried to watch a movie but napped instead.

On Monday, I had an eye appointment. Time for new glasses. I've had my current one for at least 3 years now. I only wear them in the evening mostly--contacts by day so I don't worry about keeping them totally up to date.  My appointment was for 10:30. For some reason I had to wait in the exam room until almost 11:00 before the Dr. came in. That drives me crazy!!!! The exam took awhile because she did contact fitting and an eyeglass exam. Then came the hard part of picking out frames. My face is small and most frames overwhelm and swallow me up. I finally left there after 1 p.m. What a way to blow a day.

Every time I am still or sit down since the trip, I feel motion sickness. Larry says I am having trouble getting my land legs back. I guess so. So I went to Fort Smith yesterday afternoon. Found a new "pretty" for my living room coffee table at Kirkland's. I love that store.

Today, my plan is to repaint my daughter's bedroom. My sewing tables are going into there until my sewing room ceiling and wall get redone. Water leaks. Yuck! Mold. More Yuck!

If I am really ambitious and can get some help, I may have pics of my new temporary space in the next day or two.

That is, if I can get off of my bottom end and do something.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. so it was a good cruise? I to hate it when I have to wait in the doctor's office - especially when I hear him in the hallway chatting to someone while I am waiting.
    Your pretty's from Kirkland are very pretty indeed.

  2. Welcome home Vivian! I agree, waiting at the doctors office is insane! I always want to bill them for MY time.

    We had a leak in our roof too, Jim patched the roof but I need to call someone to redo the area.



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