Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baby Quilts in Progress

So I went to the Butterfly Festival and didn't really see anything that the vendors had that I needed. But there are two stores on the square that I really like.

One is Scott's Flower shop. Although today it looked more like a gift shop than flower shop. Scott usually keeps lots of beautiful floral arrangements. Today there were only a few that he actually made. I believe he has scaled back because of the economy. But, if you are ever in Paris, AR it is worth checking out.

This is the other store I like. Ruthie almost always has something that I think I need. It is very nice because she carries items from a dollar or two up to a couple of hundred dollars for big item antiques.

When I returned home, I headed down to the sewing room. I got out the material to cut out a boy and a girl baby quilt. But when I opened up the design in EQ, I decided I wasn't thrilled with the borders on the boy quilt. So I spent an hour or so trying different borders before I was satisfied.

I have it all cut out but cannot go any further because I need the baby's birth information so I can embroidery the white blocks before sewing them together.

Next, I cut out the girl's quilt--after adjusting that pattern also.

My daughter got the info I needed for the girl quilt so I started embroidering and sewing some of the blocks together.

The pattern calls for blocks that are like the Drunkard's Patch block. I purchased a template at the Dallas Quilt Show a few years back and made my daughter a quilt using it. (I purchased it because there was a black, red, and white quilt made from the pattern that I fell in love with. Here, three years later I haven't made that quilt.) My daughter's quilt was blue and white fabrics and green and white fabrics.

It's much easier to use than a plastic template. 

It is getting really late but I started watching a movie so I'll probably stay up watching it until I dose off. I plan to get a early start tomorrow and hopefully get most of the girl quilt finished or get the embroidery on both quilts completed. Then the piecing will go quickly.

Happy snipping stitching, and quilting.


  1. OOoh, I cant' wait to see both of these! Love those colors on the first one, and I've been meaning to play around with some pattern ideas with curved patches myself.

  2. I love the Drunkard's Path pattern and have made more than my share of them and they all look different depending on how you arrange them. I use the heavy acrylic templates and love them. I couldn't quite tell if the one you are using is acrylic.



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