Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Not much sewing going on today or probably all week. I am re-organizing my sewing room. I'm not about to show pictures until I at least get everything back into a place. That will probably take me awhile. I have added some new shelving and a larger sewing area.  Can't wait to finish and try it out.

Kelsey is moving from Fort Smith into our rent house. She'll be busy doing that this week. I'm sure I'll help at least some.

So, I just wanted to tell everyone "Happy Sunday". I hope you are spending it in a relaxing way doing what you want to do.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. Oh I hope you share pictures, there's nothing I enjoy more than seeing other people's sewing areas!

  2. would love to see your sewing room photos - it is always nice to redo our room isn't it - you just might find some things that you had forgotten you had!

  3. Vivian I had to smile at your description of your sewing room at the moment - I have got mine is SUCH a mess...needs a front end loader in there at present - that is a job I too will be atempting - if I dont get side tracked. Its wonderful what you can find too:) Do post a picture when you have it sorted :)



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