Friday, May 28, 2010

Sewing Room or Quilting Studio

My daughter, Kelsey, chastised me for not updating my blog. She said it is "pitiful" because she doesn't have anything to read. Too funny, Kels.  Then I remembered that I had a draft waiting for some time when I didn't have anything to blog about. So, here it is. 

I've always envied all of you ladies that refer to your sewing rooms as studios. For some reason, I always felt only those that use their rooms for business purposes could call them studios. But I love how "Quilting Studio" or "My Studio" or "Sewing Studio" sounds.

So I have decided that after I get out of school next week, one of my first projects is going to be to clean up my "sewing room" and turn it into a "studio".

Here is my inspiration.

This is Anne Sutton of "Bunny Hill Designs" studio. I just love it. Couldn't you be creative in this room?

No, mine will not look anything like this. But, I do plan to make a large sewing area that will hold both of my sewing machines, add more shelving, rearrange and put everything in its place. Big plans. I just hope I don't fizzle out.

Do you need inspiration to clean up or re-do your quilting space. This link to Prairie Home Quilts  has over 100 links to sewing/quilting rooms.

It doesn't hurt to dream, does it?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. Hey I guess I should refer to mine as my studio too - except does that count with hubby at the other end of the "studio" with his computer set up LOL
    have a good weekend.

  2. OH yeah I'd be in heaven in that sewing room too! Absolutely yummy!

    What I would LOVE to is be able to have everything in one room. My "studio" is spread out in 3 rooms on two levels... major pain.

  3. I dont know, Vivian, Anne Sutton's "STUDIO" probably is just picked up for the photo. Do you REALLY think she's that neat while creating and sewing? LOL

    No, I don't have a "studio". I have a "sewing space" that took me YEARS to get. Had to wait until kids left and now hubby comes in to use my computer occassionally..LOL So maybe it's not my own "sewing space" after all.

    But I do get things accomplished. I'm OCD about neatness and organization so rarely are my countertops cluttered. And I'm OCD about keeping my machines covered. Hey, maybe I'm in a "studio" afterall and I never knew it...LOL

    "Sew Cindy" loves it when hubby travels - then the entire house is MINE..........



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