Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chicken and Brownies

I have a friend who is able to purchase 20 pounds of boneless chicken breast for $1 per pound. I had him get me 40 pounds (2 boxes). Not all of the chicken is large breasts. Most of it is in smaller pieces like chicken strips. But Larry likes grilling that size because it is faster and it is easier to can smaller pieces.

Today I spent the afternoon packaging up half of the chicken. I put 13 packages in the freezer. Each package has a serving of 4 because we like to have leftovers for lunch the next day. I also canned 6 pints.

 I ran across a recipe for Black Bean Brownies. Don't they look yummy.

Minimalist Baker-Black Bean Brownies

The black beans take the place of flour and splenda or stevia takes the place of sugar. These are totally diabetic friendly.  They are in the oven now. I sure hope they are good and don't disappoint us. I am trying to find desserts that Larry can eat. And we both are trying to have less flour in our diets.

One more day of school, then I have all summer free. We don't have a vacation planned. I think maybe we will visit a few places in Arkansas that we haven't been.  Blanchard Springs Caverns. Clinton Library. Go back to Crystal Bridges and eat in the restaurant. I think I will check to see the concert lineup for Magic Springs. I'm thinking some day trips would be fun.

Well, I took the brownies out and I was disappointed. They are not sweet at all. I used splenda instead of stevia and don't think I used the correct conversion. I also think I left them in the oven too long. They seem to be kind of dry. But if I put some strawberry jam on them, they will be edible. And I do believe I will make them again using a different recipe.  I have run across 3 or 4 of them. I think I'll also taste the batter to tweak it a little before I bake them.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I have heard of the black bean brownies and if I remember right the person I heard it from didn't care for them - have you ever used Truvia as a sweetener? I use it all the time for drinks as I like to save the calories for other things they have a bag that is handy for baking and I use it sometimes I'm not sure how it is for diabetics but I think it is on the approved list. Good deal on that chicken!!

  2. Sorry that the black bean brownies didn't turn out. My daughter and family are going gluten free, and I was hoping to be able to refer them too your recipe. :-(

    Excellent price on that chicken!! We eat a lot of chicken here ... would love to be able to get a whole bunch at that price.



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