Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Trans Siberian Orchestra

was in Little Rock last night. (2 hours away)

Larry and I splurged and purchased tickets.

The concert was great. Just when I thought I have enough rock, they toned it down some and began telling a Christmas Story. And, of course, I got to hear my favorite song of theirs. Christmas Canon.

I was totally shocked at the traffic from Russellville to Little Rock. Larry said the traffic going west from Little Rock would be bad but the traffic going east into Little Rock would be good. (He makes trips there frequently with the EMS.) But, oh my goodness, he was wrong. Bumper to bumper all of the way. We planned to get there in plenty of time and we did.

Coming home was even worse. The traffic was not quite as bad. Still much more than normal. But, there was rain off and on. People traveling much to fast and interstate highways that are wet and lane lines hard to see.

Then, the streets of our town were flooded and both our vehicles almost flooded out going through them. The visibility going the mile up the ridge was almost nothing. I traveled at about 15 mph and was very thankful for the green house number sign on my mailbox. It was about the only way I could tell when I was home.

So great concert but terrible driving conditions. God and His angels worked overtime last night keeping us safe.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. glad you made it to and back the concert safely - rain is horrible today - and parts of our yard has water sitting in it. I have always wanted to see that concert but if we do some day I think we will plan to stay overnight and not fight the traffic!

  2. I've never seen them in person, but my favorite is Wizards in Winter. I had that as the ringtone on my phone for awhile. Glad you enjoyed the concert.



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