Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ice Day -- Or Not?

The ice storm came and left us with no electricity or internet for 5 days and sporatic internet service since. I am back dating these posts.

(Written on Thursday, Dec. 5)

I got up at my regular time this morning. Showered. Ate breakfast and then the phone rang. No School! I really thought we would go today but not tomorrow. And, we could have.

But then I received a text from my sister-in-law around 8:30. Larry's mom radiation treatment was changed from 4:30 this evening to 12:00 noon. So, it worked out really well that I was off and able to take her.  We had rain about the whole drive there and back (an hour away) and there was a layer of ice when we arrived. But the roads were clear so we were very thankful.

My sister-in-law asked me to embroidery names on some hooded beach towels she purchased for kids Christmas gifts. I did 4 of them this afternoon. Five to go tomorrow.

I need to do some cleaning and sewing tomorrow. And I have a Christmas tree to decorated still. I purchased ingredients to try making some sugar free (low sugar) chocolate chip cookies for Larry. But, I haven't gotten around to it yet. That's something else I can do.

Plenty to do on another snow day tomorrow. You would think that since I already know I do not have school, I could sleep in. Nope, won't happen.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. I know the power outage really put you behind. This go around, we didn't lose power, but were out 13 days several years ago. My shoulder surgery scheduled for last Monday was canceled due to ice was rescheduled for this Friday. Weather sure looks better for Friday.

  2. we were lucky and lost power for about 16 hours - have generator and fireplace so did well, I hadn't realized you were out so long in your area. I think schools are finally back to their routine this week. Kind of early in the year to miss school for snow days isn't it - and officially not even here yet.

  3. You really got "hit" with this one!!! The season is starting off with a "bang"!!!!! Up here (S.E. MN) it has been white forever.......well, not really, it just feels that way!!!!! Christmas countdown is speeding right along. A little quilt finished for gr. granddaughter. I pray your projects come to a timely finish and your family has a peace-filled Christmas. We don't battle the ice storms here (as you do) and can't imagine them. I know a generator would be a good thing (necessity?). Hugs..........



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