Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Weather

is on the way. This would not bother me at all--if I didn't have to get out to go to work. Hopefully, it won't hit here until late afternoon on Thursday. Then, I will be able to make it to school and home without any problems. I am a big chicken when it comes to driving on snow and/or ice.

Looks like we will have a break on Saturday and Sunday with more headed our way Sunday evening, Monday, and Tuesday.

RV Seven Day

The bright side is that I have plenty to do here at home.

Cleaning, purging, and sewing.  It is never ending, isn't it?

I have embroidery to do, quilts to finish.I have a pile of packages from my sister-in-law. They are beach towel coverups. She wants names embroidered on them. They are so cute. I'll have pictures after I embroidery on them.

That will take awhile, but I will be able to piddle around with other things as the machine works. I really need to start on them tonight.

. . . And Christmas gifts to make. I always make something for a colleague, whom I am very close to. And I usually make my brothers and sisters a little something. I really need to visit pinterest for some ideas. And why do I usually wait until I get off for Christmas break to start these gifts?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I just so hope that we won't have massive power outages from the ice/sleet!!

  2. I have been asking myself the same question...why do I wait til now!!!! I really figured it out (light bulb moment!!??!!) January I'm so relieved I "pulled off" another handmade gift giving that I don't have the mojo to even think of starting in again AND my head is spinning with ideas NOW........not 2 months ago....not 4 months ago....not 11 months ago but now!!! And that's just the way it is!!! LOL! Don't we all work better under pressure (oops....that's college/school talk!!! LOL!). You are not alone, my dear!!!! Hugs from a "boat" filled with many of us!!!!!!

  3. We got a couple of inches of sleet Vivian - thank goodness it didn't affect our power. We weren't able to get out Thursday or Friday so I spent time sewing and wrapping presents. Yesterday the roads were clear so we made a trip to Sam's to do a little more Christmas shopping but this morning it's misting rain and 25 degrees so it's freezing as it hits. Sure hope it doesn't continue! blessings, marlene



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