Friday, November 29, 2013

I am happy to say . . .

that almost all of my Christmas shopping is complete. I spent the day shopping and it was so pleasant. By the time I got out at around 10:30 this morning, most of the die hard Black Friday shoppers had been shopping all night and were home and in bed. So the stores were generally like a typical Saturday.

And, oh the weather was so beautiful. It is so much easier to enjoy shopping when you can run in and out of the stores without getting too hot or too cold.

The only problem I had was in getting a new iphone. I have had my phone for over 4 years and it is starting to get kind of persnickety. I stopped by my hometown Walmart at 9 this morning. They were out. I stopped by the supercenter in Fort Smith and was told it would be an 8 hour wait. No way!!!! I stopped by Sam's Club and they were giving out appointments. Earliest I could get was 5:30. Didn't plan to stay in town that long. Dropped back by the Supercenter before I headed home and was able to reserve one. They would call me later this evening when I could come back to get it activated. That definitely wouldn't work.

The employee told me that they were extending the sale through Dec. 5 and I could come back another day before them. I picked my color and she put my name on it. So I will call them on the day I want to come in and they will give me an appointment. No waiting. I hope.

I made Kelsey and her family new stockings. Aiden requested red. Have you hung them yet, Kelsey?

Tomorrow I plant to make peach preserves from some peaches I froze this summer. I made Cranberry Jam last weekend using Low Sugar Pectin and Stevia.  It is very tart but delicious. That was the first time I ever made any kind of jelly. I was really surprised at how nicely is set up.

I also need to finish decorating tomorrow so on Sunday I can relax and do very little.

Anyone out there doing Bonnie Mystery or Judy's quilt along?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. Hey, Vivian!!! ME, ME, ME!!!!! I plan on doing Bonnie's quilt in red, gold and blue along with the neutrals. Have to wait a bit, though. Had thumb surgery a week ago and get the stitches out Tuesday and having rotator cuff surgery on the 9th. Poor timing, right???

  2. Wanted to tell you that I really like your header quilt, but iPad wouldn't add more to the comment. Missed Orange Crush!!!!



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