Sunday, November 3, 2013

Much to think about!

I worked with Becca last Saturday and haven't been in the sewing room since.

Larry and I have decided to try our hand out at gardening some next year. We will have to use raise beds as our land has solid rock under it and not a lot of good topsoil. So I am researching building beds and trying to decide if we want to build beds, plant and grow or just buy from the orchards that are about 20 miles away.

I have been canning a few things and really enjoy it.  The doctor says that commercially canned products have so much additives that they can play havoc on acid reflux. So I really need to can my own.  Thus the interest in gardening and canning.

I really need to work on Kelsey's double wedding ring quilt. I still don't know what applique I want on it.  I need to sit down, make a decision, and start on it so I won't be able to change my mind again.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

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  1. I too have acid reflux - I have never noticed a lot of additives added in canned vegetables but really haven't looked all that much I get mainly frozen vegetables and frozen fruit if I have not gotten fruit to can myself.



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