Wednesday, February 20, 2013


what I pulled out to work on. It seemed to be calling.

I actually have over half of the melons made. These are just put up to see how many I had completed and how many more I need. If I am figuring correctly, I only need 24 more. Then the hard part will be trying to decide how to put them together to get the look I want. I do believe I may make Kelsey help me.

I have also already drawn out part of the applique pattern I am going to use. Unfortunately, I can not remember what it looks like. I do know I wanted it to be different from Becca's. Then when I make one for myself, I plan to use a new totally different design for it too.

Like most of you, I have big plans. But unfortunately, I'm not getting around to a lot yet this year. A little on the lazy side, I guess.

Happy snipping, stitcing, and quilting. 

1 comment:

  1. it looking good - you work full time of course you don't have as much time for quilting - you will get it done when you have time.



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