Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hand Quilting

I finally made myself sit down and hand quilt on the Star Quilt the past two evenings. I really need to keep it up. I enjoy it after I make myself sit down and will quilt for hours and even hate stopping to go to bed. So why does it seem such a chore to sit down in the first place?

I am actually working on the last two blocks. Yippee! I still have some outer strips on the Irish Chain blocks do quilt. I don't enjoy quilting the hearts because there are so many curves and it seems to take me forever, so I skipped some of them to turn the quilt so they are horizontal to me instead of vertical. Make sense?

Then I have a wide border and plan to quilt it using a flower and vine template. But, I may change my mind and just do some straight stitching so I will get finished more quickly. But then again, it is the first quilt I have totally hand quilted myself and it is a very nice quilt. I am actually thinking about entering it into the county fair this year. So I really should use the template and make it look more elegant.

Well, enough rambling for today. Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting?


  1. It's very beautiful. :)
    I wish I could still hand quilt but my finger/thumb joints just can't tolerate it so all my quilting is done on the longarm.

  2. Use the It is a beautiful quilt,from what I can see there. You might be dissappointed if you don't use it on the border. And that template isn't bad to quilt.

  3. Love that template and that quilt is so gorgeous! It would be at the top at the fair for sure!!!! Doreen

  4. love that stencil you have for the border :) I have several that I have yet to use and need to make sure I remember about them when it comes time to put another quilt on the frame - when this one gets done - I too have to get in the mood to sit at the frame.

  5. Oh use the stencil, it's lovely! I am becoming more and more interested in learning to hand quilt too, probably from watching Karen do all her quilts that way! Yours will be beautiful!



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