Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Decisions Made -- Or Not!

I finally completed the quilting on all of the tree blocks. That forced me to sit down and make a decision on how to quilt to pieced blocks. Someone suggested leaves and/or stones.

I didn't have an template for leaves and didn't like my free hand drawings. So I decided on a feather wreath design template. But, I couldn't see the tracing marks. The blue fabric pen wouldn't show up on the blue fabric and the white fabric pen didn't show up on the blue either.

So I decided to try free handing a feather wreath with pebbles all around it. I am not completely satisfied with my first feather wreath but I will not frog it. I have made the decision that this quilt will be a learning quilt. lol

I haven't quilted inside the wreath yet. It will be a close together cross hatch or pebbles.

I stopped after this first block so that I could take a break from it and decide tomorrow night if I like it enough to quilt all of the blocks like that or if I want to do something different on each block.  Not that I have any clue as to how I would quilt each block differently. lol


  1. I wanted to quilt leaves recently too and the panto pattern that I had wasn't quite it so I free-motion quilted my own that were similar and they turned out ok. I prefer doing free-motion to pantos if possible, it feels easier to me. I'm getting better at feathers but pebbles are still sometimes in need of improvement. I haven't done them much so perhaps with practice. Your quilt looks great!

  2. amazing how you do this on your regular sewing machine!

  3. Oh I really like the was this looks, Vivian! You do really great FMQ. :)

  4. Way to go! Very brave to just jump in and try it! Looks great from here!

  5. Vivian,

    So good to hear from you! :) Your quilting looks lovely! And I swooned looking at your double wedding ring quilt.



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