Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Block One Completed

I finally got to the sewing room around 7:30. The fabric I chose for the Fat Quarter Star Quilt-along was sitting there waiting for me. I looked at it for about 5 seconds and thought, "No, I'm not going to fret over this. I am going to put it all in a bag and draw if out."

Sad state of affairs when you can't even find two brown paper bags to use. Too much plastic being used, I guess. Actually, I try to use recyclable bags.

I drew two fabrics from each bag and this is what I ended up with.

Wasn't sure I was crazy about the combination, but I was determined not to put them back in.

This looks like a simple block to piece. And for many, it probably was. But not for me. The small star block inside gave me fits. It was those flying geese in there.

My mom every once in awhile makes a comment that she wants to learn to make flying geese. I looked at her like she was crazy because she made a flying geese quilt for one of my siblings. And I told he she already knew how--after all she made a whole quilt. She told me, "Yeah, but they didn't turn out right." I thought they were fine. But then again, I don't inspect her sewing. But, now I know what she is talking about.

So, I have decided that when I grow up--you know, when I become a true seamstress--I think I'll make an entire quilt from this block. Really, I have been sewing for 40 years. I made all of my clothes all through high school. Blue jeans included. 

So how, can one little block give me so many problems?

And now, the finished block . . .

I am really pleased with the block. I think the fabric blends together okay. The fabric in the background is just so I didn't use my ugly cutting mat as the background.

I am anxious to get started on block 2, but that may not happen until next week. We may be going to the nearby park for the weekend. But then again, I will probably just take my machine with me.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. Oh I think it looks great, Vivian -- and your fabrics went together well. Flying geese are the bane of my quilting existence. LOL! :)

  2. the block looks great.. I think the idea of pulling the fabrics out of the bags and using them for a block is a good idea. Keep it up... and you will have a great quilt when it is all done and you are looking at the overall picture.

  3. That block is so adorable. It reminds me of a baby kangaroo in its mother's pouch. ;)



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