Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break . . .

No better time to finish a spring quilt.

This is one of those I have been working on for quite awhile.  It looks like I started it in April of last year. I tried my hand at echo quilting, which is new for me. I like how the design looks on the back, but I don't think I will quilt that densely again. I had trouble with the border being floppy because I didn't quilt it as densely. But, maybe after I wash it I can get it to lay down a little better. If not, oh well, mark it up to experience.

My grandson stayed with us last night for the first time. We were surprised he stayed because his mom and dad are about an hour away from us, so it's not a quick "I want to go home".

He was trying to teach Larry to play Minecraft.  Let's just say he is not the best teacher and Larry is not the best learner.  It was funny listening to their conversation.

 It was not a planned stay. I mentioned that I had to go to Fort Smith the next day, so he decided to stay and I could take him home.

So today I am off the Fort Smith. I went to Hancock's Fabric Store on Monday hoping to find some navy embroidery floss. They only had an off brand and not the color I was looking for. So today, I am going to try Hobby Lobby and Michael's to see if they have DMC because I know the exact color I want.

Spring break always flies by.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. Why is it that our time off always goes twice as fast as our regular time. I thought once I retired, and all my days were like vacation days that life would slow down ... but alas, nothing's changed.

    Ahh, Minecraft. My grands have "converted" me ... we all play on our iPads. I kind of like the creativity of it, but not enough to play on my own - it's a game for when I'm with my grands. ;-)

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! Is it machine or hand quilted?

    When you said you had been working on it for quite awhile I was surprised when you said you started it just a year ago. That is not "quite awhile" for me as I have UFOs going back 10+ years. Congratulations on a beautiful finish!

  3. Beautiful quilt. It may need some added quilting in the borders to lay flatter but getting denser quilting even is a tad tricky!!! Very Spring-y...........

  4. Gorgeous applique quilt. It's nice to see a spring quilt.



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