Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Applique Project

Martingale - Welcome to the North Pole

I really need to get around to sandwiching the  "A Burst of Color in a Neutral World" quilt. It will be going to a dear friend who is building a new home. She is a "neutral" kind of gal and everyone has been telling her not to go too neutral. I just tell her to do it the way she want. If she wants to add color later on, she can paint.

In the meantime to keep busy, I have started this quilt.

I have had this pattern for 4 or 5 years now and almost talked myself out of making it. Then I decided I was in the mood to applique and that I have so many small scraps that I need to use. Sure enough, I had enough different colors of blue to cut out the background blocks. And I have the Santa and Sleigh block appliqued and a couple of others ready to applique.

Colors are definitely not true in this picture. I took it at night in a very poorly lit room.  I figure I'll work on it until I get tired of it and then put it up for later.  Who knows, maybe I'll finish it within the next few months.


  1. That project looks to be a fun one. Many gals who I know go the "neutral route" and add splashes of color figuring that it's easier/cheaper to change the "splashes" than the whole color scheme. I guess I go for the more dramatic/intense colors that I continue to love after many years!

  2. I love that pattern Vivian - but oh my there are lots of little pieces! blessings, marlene



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