Sunday, June 12, 2011

Double Wedding Ring Quilt -- Revisited

I guess it's pretty bad when your future daughter-in-law fusses at you for not working on her quilts. lol

I rethought the color scheme of the applique flowers in the border on the double wedding ring.

I began using only pink/red tones and they worked well with the half of the rings that had the pink tones but not so well with the half of the rings  with the orange tones.

So I revamped the flowers and added orange tones. I do think it balances things out.  I worked almost all day yesterday and didn't seem to get very far. But it does take time to play around with fabrics to find what suits your fancy.

All in all, I got an eighth of the flower applique pinned on and ready to stitch. The rest will be easier and much quicker since my color scheme is ready and laid out.

I did sit down to begin the machine applique last night. I didn't seem to get very far in the couple of hours I worked on it. There's always tomorrow!

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. how do you machine stitch applique - buttonhole? do you have to fuse it all in place also?

  2. Your flowers are lovely. They look like they could come off your quilt, and bloom on a rose bush. I liked your all pink version, but these are absolutely perfect.

  3. Those are gorgeous colors! Your future DDIL is one lucky girl!



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