Sunday, November 28, 2010

Totally Frustrating

I designed a wall hanging in EQ6 to be hung in my bathroom for the Holidays. I was all excited. It was applique blocks with a pieced block border.

I had the center blocks appliqued and started on the borders.

I had all of the pieces cut out and then let it sit on my sewing table for a couple of weeks while completing other projects. When I went back to finish it today, I couldn't find the EQ design. I don't know what happened to it. I left it pulled up on my computer for days so I guess when I finally closed it out, I didn't save it.  I went ahead and pieced the borders from the rotary cutting directions that I had printed out.

Now . . .

Have you ever had one of those days when you used your seam ripper more than you used your machine. Well, that was me. I sewed and ripped, sewed and ripped, and sewed and ripped. Ridiculous becuase it wall all easy squares and rectangles. Then I finally got them put together and it was toooooo short on the sides. And, I had used all of the border fabrics.

So, I decided to take off the end borders, which did fit, and just quilt it as it was.

What a sewing day!  One I hope I don't repeat in a long time. Sometimes I think I am beginning to show my age. Not fun!!!! Almost 50 is not old, is it?

It looks kind of plain now so as I look at it throughout the holidays, I may decided to cut off the binding and add another 1 1/2 or 2 inch border. Or I may just leave it as it is.

Maybe it was meant to be. If I would have added the borders that I had created, I think it would have swallowed up the quilt rack and wall. 

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. I have had those days too when the seam ripper is in my hand constantly and almost always it is when I am doing a simple project and can't seem to do anything right - usually I just figure it is time to put it down and go do something else.

  2. I think it looks perfect just like it is. I think the borders might have been too much. Sometimes EQ does strange things. Usually it asks if you want to save your project, and sometimes I give the wrong answer and lose my work. OH, and no 50 is not old. We are just in our prime, right?

  3. it is great...sometimes simpler is better...too bad that you were so frustrated....I've had those days

  4. We all have those days! It keeps us humble!

  5. I am keeping you company with a day like that here...I have done a lot of ripping today - there must be some reason for that - maybe its to teach us patience :) Your wall haning is cute though :)



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