Friday, November 26, 2010


If you use your debit card to make on-line purchases, please check your account often.

I logged onto my account this morning and found two charges for credit checks that I did not authorize. One was for about $15 and the other about $25. Both to the same company. The $25 charge said recurring beside it which leads me and the bank to believe they would be taking that amount out each month.

I called my bank and they told me to contact the company. There was a telephone number included in the transaction which leads me to believe this is a legitimate company. If it wasn't, I don't think they would have included a phone number. They also said I could come in to the bank and file a dispute. So I called the company and the employee verified "fraud" after asking me to verify an email (which was not mine) and my birth date (again not mine). I have to call them back on Monday to talk to the fraud department. If they do not credit my account on Monday, I only have to contact my bank and they will take care of it for me.

I am glad that I caught this early on and really thankful that the charges were not large.

Oh, I did go by the bank today and they closed my debit card and they are having a new one issued to me.

Have a great day!


  1. Good catch! So pleased you were alert and picked it up early. It still gives you a fright to think what could have happened.

  2. this happened to us once one of the times we were traveling. A couple days after we started a trip I had got on line to check out our account and found $75 worth of items that I knew we had not bought. Had to call the bank in a parking lot and sit there for close to a half an hour taking care of things. They could tell it was from my card not Mike's and canceled my card and issued a new one. From the purchases the bank thought it most likely came from a college student in the Russellville area. I had used my card at the local bookstore before we left on our trip and it was out of sight for a minute as the person said the card reader was not working and had to do it by the register which I could not see - I think they copied my number down. I have always been careful since. We use our credit card almost all the time now for purchases and just pay the balance at the end of the month instead of using the debit card.



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