Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some Things Just Aren't Meant to Be!

I have decided that I do not enjoy hand sewing. I tried hand quilting and do not really enjoy it enough to stick with it. Then a couple of months ago I tried hand applique with my "Be Attitudes" Quilt and am not progressing very fast on it either. So I have decided to finish it using machine applique. I know, it won't all match because the first two blocks are hand stitched and the rest will be machine stitched. But I don't care. It's just part of my life story.

But in the past two evenings I have completed two more "Be Attitude" blocks.

Be Loving . . .

And Be Kind . . .

And another block is pieced, applique cut out, and ready to stitch tomorrow evening.

Kelsey stopped by to do laundry and chat for awhile. It's always good to see her and catch up. Thanks Kelsey, for letting me know you like my tree blocks.  I have been so busy all week, I haven't seen Craig but for a few minutes. Hey, wait a minute. Maybe it's him that hasn't been around much.

Judy L. has declared Thursday and Friday as Quiltathon days for her. I'm planning to join her in the evenings after school. Why don't you join the fun?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. Those blocks are beautiful! Have fun on your "quilt-a-thon!"

  2. I really like these blocks!! Quilt shop on Main Street in VanBuren is going out of business :(, but thought you might like to know(you may already). Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like your machine appliqued blocks! Better machine app'd than not done at all. I want to learn to machine applique. While I enjoy hand sewing, I can no longer do so because of joint pain. Machine applique is perfectly legitimate --and lovely, as is machine quilting. Only problem is... machine work is not as portable as hand work. :-p

  4. You always seem to get so much done. Do you sleep? I wish I could accomplish as much as you do. Maybe if I would stay off the computer...I will let you know if it works. lol Hope you are having a good day. Lisa

  5. Part of the quilting journey is to find out what you enjoy...and now you know! I am doing all my blocks by machine because although I do enjoy handwork, I want to finish this in my lifetime!



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