Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Day!

Still haven't made it back to the sewing room.

We made a trip to Little Rock to talk to the doctor to see what procedure would be done to correct the airway obstruction. I will be going back next Tuesday for another bronchoscopy where they will clip the tissue build up in 3 places with hopes that the tissue will shrink up and into the lining of my throat opening the airway.  The doctors are still baffled as to why I have the tissue build up. I've had my local physician baffled for 10 years.

They warned me that they have one women with the same problem that they still do not know why she has it. I told Larry as long as I don't have anything serious and this procedure works, I don't feel like I have to know why it is there.

We left Little Rock around 3:45 and decided to stop in Russellville to eat before making our way back home. We came out from the restaurant and my vehicle was dead. Luckily Larry was able to call the mechanic from his work, who lives in London--about 7 miles from Russellville to come with his jumper cables. That nice man, drove to us, started the vehicle numerous times because it wouldn't stay started and then volunteered to follow us to the EMS station where he had an instrument to check the alternator. Sure enough, the alternator was bad. So he took Larry to the local parts store to get a new one and then even installed it. Wasn't that great.

I thank the Lord for keeping us safe and Ron for helping us out. What a great friend to have!

As for tomorrow, maybe I'll make it down to sew.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. Vivian - I was sad to read you are not well...and I hope it turns out OK for you and you get comfortable again. My thoughts are with you.
    I love your new cover picture...looks quite different to the temperatre etc that we have here...Its cold (for us) The picture look really lovely...especialy that lovely quilt!

  2. it is always horrible to have car trouble when you are not at home. So glad that the person your husband works with was near by to help out. I'm glad they can do something for your breathing problems. I have to go to Little Rock on Wednesday to see my specialist for my normal check up - I will have plenty of time for looking around and shopping too.

  3. Ouch Vivian, I hope they are able to fix your breathing issues.
    There's nothing worse than car probelms away from home, ugh!!!! Glad you got it worked out!

  4. I'm thanking the Lord with and for you! :)



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