Friday, August 27, 2010

Latest Project

After my last quilt finish I decided I wanted a quick project. I guess it's kind of like instant gratification. As I read blogs and search web sites, I bookmark sites and have a category for quilts to make. So I paged through these bookmarks and decided to use this pattern from "You Can Quilt This" to make a wall hanging to cover the vents on my fireplace this Christmas. 

I have enlarged the letters and the finished wall hanging will be around 40 inches by 16 inches. The letters are cut out and I am ready to machine applique. I think I'll use a satin stitch for a little more dressy look.

I know, Kelsey, I don't need any more Christmas decorations. And yes, Craig, I know it's not Christmas.

But . . . 

That's just me!

Happy snipping, stitching and quilting!


  1. I can't even think about the holidays this early! :) I'm sure it will look nice though.

  2. I believe! I like the letter shapes you're using -- I'll have to bookmark this site for future reference! :)

  3. Wow! You cut those out by hand? I'm totally impressed Vivian!

  4. I love it! The colors are so happy. Boy now is the time to get started isn't it? Especially if you want it done by Christmas. Happy sewing ;0)

  5. It is beautiful. I clicked on the link but it did not take me to where I can buy the pattern. Is there a source?



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