Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh my,

I decided to do a little updating to my sidebar and stopped short when I realized that my UFO's have not changed in over a year.  I guess I have made new quilts and just haven't finished the old. I guess I know what I need to be working on this year.  (I also need to straighten my sewing room and put everything in a place.)

The star quilt that I am hand quilting is at a standstill. I took it down when I starting decorating for Christmas but moved some things around and was able to get it back up. I need to concentrate on it.

Below I have listed some good Christmas/Christian movies that I watched recently on Netflix. I should have been quilting while watching. (Instead of messing around on the computer.)

The Letter Writer
The Shunning 
A Christmas Kiss
Dear Santa
Christmas Lodge
The Second Chance
Christmas Puppy
What if . . .
Snow Men
Shadow Island Mysteries: Wedding for One
Shadow Island: The Last Christmas
New Hope
The Heart of Christmas
WWJD II: The Woodcarver

It would seem that all I do is watch movies but I start watching Christmas shoes in November. Probably because they are upbeat, happy, and without violence or cursing.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

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  1. I love that quilt your working on - I had wondered where it went to as I hadn't seen a photo of it for awhile.



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