Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm getting closer . . .

I have really worked long and hard on the hand quilting of the star quilt. I spent I don't know how many hours last week when I was on Spring Break working on it. And finally Sunday evening, I completed the center of the quilt. Finally.

I'll try to get a better picture of it in a couple of days. So I am now ready to start on the border. I am going to use this stencil.

It is Holy Week at Church in preparation for Easter so I probably won't have time to quilt this week. But I am anxious to get this one finished. I am thinking about entering it in our little county fair this fall. A question for those of you who have entered quilts before.  Did you wash your quilts before you entered them?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. it is looking good - you will have it off the frame soon

  2. Your quilting looks absolutely gorgeous!



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