Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No sewing time . . . yet

I sat down for a few minutes last night planning to get up to go sew. Then my phone rang. It was my niece telling me her daughters had ballgames in 20 minutes. So I jumped up and Larry and I went to see them play. Didn't get home until around 10.

I had planned to sit down this evening and sew a little but I worked Larry too hard today. We have been needing to remodel the downstairs bathroom since we moved in. Just haven't ever wanted to turn the money lose to do that. Well, I got a bonus at work and paid for mentoring a teacher so we are using that money and taking the plunge. So we made a quick trip to Ft. Smith, an hour away, to get a better idea of what we wanted to do for a shower. 

The shower surround was fine but it was 80's yellow gold. So was the toilet and the expensive ceramic counter. We are thinking about selling in the future so thought it might be best to update a little. And the kids said that the shower was almost impossible to get turned on and off. I think Craig used a hammer the last couple of times he was here.

Removing a one piece surround tub is interesting. We knew it would not fit out the door so Larry got out the saw and now it is in a few pieces. We picked out a tub and pieced shower surround but could only fit the tub in my Excursion. We have decided to use the same vanity and just replace the top. 

So the bathroom is empty except the vanity and Larry will be glad to go back to work tomorrow to get away from me.

I must say I have been busy also. I totally cleaned and dusted Craig's room yesterday and finished pulling wall paper in the bathroom this morning. I really need to get a couple of spots out of the carpet and clean them.

Tomorrow I'll clean up a little bit of a mess in the bathroom, maybe clean Craig's carpet, and then sew, read, lounge, whatever.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

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  1. We sure do need to do some things at home like that but we don't seem to stay home long enough! blessings, marlene



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