Thursday, February 11, 2010

Which On-Line Fabric Shop?

Well, I just finished my "Bears in the Farmhouse" quilt. Thanks Judy L. for a great pattern.  The first time I posted this quilt on my design wall, a reader left a comment saying she noticed I had a couple of triangle blocks turned the wrong way. I thanked her for telling me. Marked the area with pins so I could fix them after I finished the project I was working on. See the top left hand corner triangles.

What do you think happened? I sandwiched the quilt and started quilting.  I was in heavenly bliss because I had someone that requested a quilt from me (daughter's boyfriend) and I was almost finished quilting it.

Then entered my daughter, Kelsey.

"Hi Mom, that quilt sure looks good. I showed Ismael a picture of it and he said it sure was bright and that he liked it. Oh, did you fix those blocks you had in wrong."

So much for heavenly bliss. I just looked and her and said, "Oops, I forgot all about them. Just tell him I did it on purpose so he would have a one of a kind quilt."

And that's that.

I am considering ordering fabric on-line since there is not really a quilt shop in my town. So I would like to know:

Which on-line quilt store do you use and why?


  1. Your quilt is wonderful. I have ordered from I have really been pleased with the quality. Then, of course, one of my favorites is If you ever get a chance to go there, you will come out with a cart load of goodies.

  2. The quilt turned out lovely! Judy is the best, did you see her new book?

    I had to pull apart a block yesterday that I'd turned some points on... what a pain, I like your approach better!

    I do all my shopping online, usually at either:

    Both ship extremely fast to Arkansas, never more than 3 days.

  3. I usually use either Thousands of Bolts Only One Nut, that really is the name. Their prices are fabulous. The other one I use a lot is eQuilter. Their variety is amazing. I ordered most of the novelty fabrics that I needed for my daughter's wedding quilt from them. Both sites have great customer service.

  4. Also there is Big Horn Quilts-I've had excellent service from them.

    I love you this is the way it is attitude. Have fun with the Santa pillow. He looks like fun. Good for you getting a head start on Christmas 2010.

  5. We have a local quilt shop with great variety, however my favorite on-line fabric store is Thousands of Bolts. I can't help myself from checking the new arrivals every day! Your blog is great and I have enjoyed visiting.

  6. HI Vivian - I buy most of my fabric from Hancocks ....and The Fabric Shack is great....their prices are lower than most places. Both shops orders get here to Australia in about a week...and I have had no troubles there...I also love the fabric from Blue Bamboo, but that is a bit more expensive.
    Your Bears in the Farmhouse quilt...wonderful..its so bright and cheery. Those batiks fat quarters you bought are beautiful! I have a huge amount of Batiks on a wish list from Blue Bamboo...and its just waiting for me :) But I am trying to keep control of my fingers!



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